Residential Options

Community Living Toronto offers a continuum of residential funded and unfunded options focused on a meaningful life as chosen by that person with support from people who care about them. Person directed practices guide our supports and services which respect each person’s right and responsibility to consider choices and to make life decisions.

Supported Group Living situations means 3 or more adults with an intellectual disability are living together. Paid supports are provided up to 24 hours every day depending on the support needs of the people living there. Support outcomes are aligned with each person’s individual support plan. Typically, people considering group living require some level of support at all times.

Supportive Home Share involves 1 or 2 adults with an intellectual disability living with a care giver who is not a family member. This is a room and board arrangement in which the care giver is available overnights if needed. A caseworker provides support to achieve outcomes which are aligned with each person’s individual support plan. Though daily support is dependent on the availability of the care giver, this living arrangement forms such close relationships that the person often becomes a part of the care giver’s life network of family and friends. For this reason, the matching process between the person and the care giver is essential to the success of this living arrangement.

The Supportive Home Share program is always searching for new associates to join the team. If you’re interested in becoming an Associate, please contact: 

Supported Independent Living enables someone with an intellectual disability to live with or without a partner/room-mate. A caseworker enables the achievement of outcomes which are aligned with each person’s individual support plan and paid supports are available on a part-time basis to foster and maintain independence. Someone considering this option would have life skills necessary to live with occasional support for meals, money management and community engagement.

Alternatives may also be created when someone has individualized funds. Living arrangements may be similar to the models described above or may look different. Experienced support is available to help someone develop a personalized plan and budget for individualized funds. Visit and learn more about the partnership between Community Living Toronto, LIGHTS and families so adults who have an intellectual disability have more choices and residential options.