Key Strategic Priorities

Over the last year, the Association has continued work on our 5-year strategic plan with three overarching goals; Organizational Strength, Innovation and Leadership & Advocacy. To achieve these long-term goals, we have focused on four key strategic priorities (KSPs) over the past 12 months. Accomplishing these priorities will help put us on a path to fulfilling our mission and reaching our vision.

01 Respite Services

With a focus on quality customer experience, we will develop a clear, consistent and reliable service model for respite service recipients and their caregivers. Success in this area will be determined by our ability to provide more intentional and purposeful supports for caregivers that help to reduce stress and crisis and provide support for more individuals in Toronto in a sustainable way.

02 Housing and Supports

Affordable housing is a critical issue for our province and across the country. We will continue to build meaningful partnerships with housing advocates and developers and will work on a sustainable model of support for individuals in our group residential settings. This will focus on optimizing individuals’ autonomy to self-determine where they live, whom they will live with, and how they will engage with their communities.

We will contribute to addressing the housing crisis in Toronto by transforming our Lawson site into hundreds of new affordable housing units, including many earmarked for Community Living Toronto. Looking beyond just the physical home, we’ll continue to develop and execute meaningful person-direct plans in partnership with families and networks to ensure individuals have appropriate, individualized supports in their homes.

03 Community Participation Supports

For years we’ve been transforming how we offer day supports. From sheltered workshops to more inclusive, community-based activities, we’ve adapted our day support offerings to meet the changing needs, person-directed plans and goals of individuals who use them.

The work of this KSP will establish a consistent, financially sustainable approach to offering meaningful day supports across the organization, which could include a range of options such as full-time or part-time participation in day activity, employment training, continuing education, volunteer opportunities, life skills development, community or centre-based social recreation activities.

04 Community Engagement

From our early days as an organization, Community Living Toronto has always been a grassroots organization with a strong connection to our membership base, government partners and community members. We’ll continue to be a leader in the sector so that our voice is at the table when decisions about our sector are made.

This KSP will focus on leveraging our relationship with Association members, families, individuals and volunteers to engage elected officials at all levels and from all political parties with a focus on raising awareness about developmental services, advocacy on critical issues and telling our stories.