Once a year, when you renew your membership, you join a group of self- advocates, parents, allies, siblings, friends, and Community Living Toronto staff across the GTA.

In North York, Scarborough, Central Toronto, and Etobicoke/York, we have four membership councils, made up of volunteers, that meet once a month. Each council has a chairperson and a dedicated staff member (a membership coordinator).

Membership encourages a bottom-up approach to service delivery and community support. Our four councils offer local programming and meet the needs of their communities by raising funds for services that may not otherwise be offered.

A huge thank you to all our members, especially those on regional councils, for their hard work this year!

Membership Council Chairs

North York

Nancy Ceci


Ann Marie Fierro


Lori Beesley and
Bonnie Heath


Dawn Lunan

Board of Directors

  • Judy Andrenacci
  • Stephen Andrews
  • Donna Britten
  • Michael Challes, Treasurer
  • Victor Figueiredo, President
  • Donald Hale
  • Nick Macrae, Past President
  • Emory Gilbert
  • Edward Lau
  • Laura Parsonson
  • Valérie Picher
  • Nelson Raposo
  • Susan Silma

Patron’s Council

  • Duncan N.R. Jackman, Chair
  • The Hon. Barbara McDougall, Founding Chair
  • Jane Gavan, Vice-Chair
  • Patsy Anderson
  • Mary Pat Armstrong
  • Brad Badeau
  • William Blair
  • Donna Cansfield 
  • The Hon. William G. Davis
  • Michael Enright
  • W. Robert Farquharson
  • Pooja Handa
  • Bob Hepburn
  • Mark G. Johnson
  • Dr. K. Kellie Leitch
  • David Lepofsky
  • Glenn McConnell
  • Charles Pachter
  • Brendon Pooran
  • Don Roger
  • Chief Mark Saunders
  • Meredith Saunderson
  • Mayor John H. Tory


Governance Committee

  • Nick Macrae, Chair
  • Victor Figueiredo (ex-officio)
  • Edward Lau
  • Nelson Raposo
  • Susan Silma


  • Brad Saunders,
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Cathy Brennan,
    Executive Coordinator

Executive Committee

  • Victor Figueiredo, Chair
  • Nick Macrae
  • Michael Challes


  • Brad Saunders,
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Cathy Brennan,
    Executive Coordinator

Finance & Audit Committee

  • Michael W. Challes, Chair
  • Victor Figueiredo
  • Nick Macrae
  • Susan McCloy


  • Brad Saunders,
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Flavian Pinto,
    Chief Financial & Information Officer
  • Betty Yam,
    Director of Finance
  • Rose Cutajar,
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Akiko Masuda Paradis,
    Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Clara di Credico,
    Administrative Assistant