Lawson Development: Affordable Housing in an Inclusive Community

Initial Conceptual Rendering
Initial Conceptual Rendering

Every day, we read and hear about the state of housing in Toronto. It is becoming increasingly expensive to own or rent even a modest home in the city. While we all feel the pinch, people with developmental disabilities experience increases in the cost of housing more directly. A safe and secure place to call home is essential to community integration, but home is hard to maintain with annual rent increases and a lack of new affordable housing.

The time has come to make a real and significant contribution to the housing crisis in Toronto. That’s why we are proud to report that we are starting the process of developing our Lawson site into a new complete and inclusive community of hundreds of affordable condominiums and apartments across multiple towers on our nearly five-acre site.

Lawson is ideal for housing construction. It is located around the corner from the Scarborough RT and close to a future subway station. Lawson is also an easy drive or train ride in and out of downtown Toronto. Our site is close to grocery stores, pharmacies, and the Scarborough Town Centre.

During our focus groups in January, we heard loud and clear from the broader community that the redevelopment of Lawson must protect our long-term interests and directly benefit the people we support. We also heard that Community Living Toronto must remain firmly and clearly visible on the site. Previous generations have stewarded this asset and it falls on us to carry on that legacy. That’s why we are committed to maintaining and enhancing our program, respite, and office space in the new Lawson development. We will also ensure that about 20% of the total units created on the site are reserved specifically for people in service with Community Living Toronto and the broader developmental service sector.

While we are in early days, we are working hard with potential development and urban design partners to explore how to get the most out of this incredible opportunity. We are also talking to the federal government about how to maximize funding for the project through the National Housing Strategy. Our local Members of Parliament have been very supportive from the beginning of this process, and we look forward to working with them and other government partners to make this dream a reality.

As we move through this process, we will keep our community up-to-date on news and opportunities to contribute to the redevelopment of Lawson.