Harry “Red” Foster Clubhouse Relocating an Inclusive Community Drop-in Centre

Harry “Red” Foster Clubhouse (also known as Foster Clubhouse) is a drop-in centre for clients of Community Living Toronto’s Adult Protective Service program.

It provides its members with an inclusive, safe space to interact with peers, and is an environment of unstructured, person-directed activity.

Up until March 2019, Foster Clubhouse was located at 40 Birch Avenue in Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood. The major drawback of this location was the socioeconomic difference between Clubhouse members and the residents and businesses in the area. Clubhouse members found local restaurants too expensive and commented on the lack of opportunities to participate in the community.

In March 2019, Foster Clubhouse moved from its original Birch Avenue location to the second floor of the Community Living Toronto office at 20 Spadina Road.

Located in the heart of the Annex, the Clubhouse is now surrounded by many affordable places to eat as well as inclusive social/recreational groups, like the Indigenous Canadian Centre of Toronto and the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre.

The members of Foster Clubhouse look forward to continuing to explore and enjoy their new neighbourhood.

Two clients are smiling, playing pool. Another client works on a computer in the background.