What we do


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Community Engagement team and Regional Councils adapted to the changing needs of the 1,026 Members they represent.

Through CLTO’s Information, Programs and Services phone line, Community Engagement Coordinators provided information on the COVID-19 vaccine and how to access clinics within the community. The whole team worked hard to ensure they had reliable, up-to-date knowledge that was relevant to people with an intellectual disability and their families.

Popular membership-based programs including Literacy, Cooking, Elements of Theatre, and the Connections Dance were held virtually. Summer Day Respite was also adapted to provide online, one-to-one support to families. Parent and caregiver support was facilitated through the Facebook FamilyLink group, and Friendly Connections was developed to connect with people at home.

Members received a weekly email with local programs and resources, including those related to COVID-19, and participated in online stakeholder consultations about the future of the sector, as well as CLTO’s supports and services.

CLTO Members donate annually, on a pay-what-you-can basis, to join our Association. Members advocate for local programs to fill gaps in our supports and services. Volunteers on Regional Councils fundraise for these local programs that provide educational and social opportunities for people with an intellectual disability and their families. Members, and the programs that are developed through their Regional Councils, are supported by our team of Community Engagement Coordinators. CLTO’s membership-based structure encourages a local, bottom-up approach to service delivery and community support.

This year, Membership worked to keep people connected, informed, and supported to promote a sense of hope within our community.

Membership Council Chairs

North York
Nancy Ceci
Ann-Marie Fierro
Bonnie Heath & Lori Beesley
Emory Gilbert

Board of Directors

  • Susan Silma, Chair
  • Valerie Picher, Vice Chair
  • Susan McCloy, Treasurer
  • Victor Figueiredo
  • Stephen Andrews
  • Alison Galley
  • Emory Gilbert
  • Donald Hale
  • Edward Lau
  • Nick Macrae
  • Laura Parsonson
  • Nelson Raposo
  • Brad Saunders, Secretary
  • Cathy Brennan, Admin

Patrons Council

  • Duncan N.R. Jackman, Chair
  • The Hon. Barbara McDougall, Founding Chair
  • Jane Gavan, Vice Chair
  • Patsy Anderson
  • Mary Pat Armstong
  • Brad Badeau
  • William Blair
  • Donna Cansfield
  • The Hon. William G. Davis (deceased August 2021)
  • Michael Enright
  • W. Robert Farquharson
  • Pooja Handa
  • Bob Hepburn
  • Mark G. Johnson
  • Dr. K. Kellie Leitch
  • David Lepofsky
  • Glenn McConnell
  • Charles Pachter
  • Brendon Pooran
  • Don Roger
  • Chief Mark Saunders
  • Meredith Saunderson
  • Mayor John H. Tory

Governance Committee

  • Victor Figueiredo
  • Susan Silma
  • Valerie Picher
  • Nick Macrae
  • Nelson Raposo
  • Edward Lau
  • Brad Saunders, CEO
  • Malcolm Bernstein, CHR
  • Cathy Brennan, Admin

Executive Committee

  • Susan Silma, Chair
  • Valerie Picher, Vice Chair
  • Susan McCloy, Treasurer
  • Brad Saunders, Secretary/CEO
  • Cathy Brennan, Admin

Finance and Audit Committee

  • Susan McCloy, Chair
  • Michael Challes
  • Michael Douglas
  • Victor Figueiredo
  • Nick Macrae
  • Edward Lau
  • Brad Saunders, CEO
  • Betty Yam, CFO
  • Akiko Masuda Paradis, Manager
  • Clara di Credico, Admin

Anti Racism Committee

  • Co-Chairs Veriline Howe & Joe Persaud
  • Members Ted Lyaruu (LOA), Juanita Forde, Sandee Moore, Teison Sammy, Sherene Myers, Andrew Beecher, Chantelle Pellew, Shelly Ann-Thompson
  • Resources Michelle Petrides, Amar Bajwa, Michele Braun, Joe Passaretti, Heather Dawson, Aneliya Arnaudova, Erin Mlotek (LOA), Julia Benjamin, Karla Dendrinos (PR), Lisa Dobbin (PR), Kimalee Phillip (CUPE), Keisa Campbell (United Way)
  • Sponsors Brad Saunders & CLTO Board of Directors