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Pandemic Readiness and Response

As the pandemic took hold in Ontario, CLTO staff formed new committees and workgroups with the express purpose of keeping everyone safe and healthy. Although they evolved throughout the year, the work of our COVID-19 committees and workgroups was critical to our operational continuity and stability. Their achievements eventually led to the creation of our new governance model.

  • Beginning March 2020, the EMC met every day to discuss priority action items related to COVID-19.
  • Projects unrelated to the pandemic were paused so the EMC could focus on health and safety, business continuity, minimizing service disruptions, and proactively addressing upcoming challenges,
  • Seven working groups within the EMC were established:
    • Communications
    • Business Continuity (Corporate)
    • Business Continuity (Program Service)
    • Directives & Protocol Development
    • Training & Education
    • Ethical/Legal
    • Reporting Obligations

  • As COVID-19 became the new normal, the EMC transitioned into the Pandemic Response Committee (PRC).
  • The PRC worked to shift CLTO from a state of emergency to a state of stability.
  • Some non-pandemic related work resumed.
  • The committee reduced the frequency of its meetings.

  • The pandemic committees and workgroups were able to achieve a great deal in a short amount of time.
  • COVID-19 forced staff to adopt a “speed over perfection” mentality.
  • Greater collaboration between different areas of the Association removed silos and increased transparency around significant projects.
  • Organizing into small groups to tackle specific initiatives led to more staff becoming involved in projects outside their day-to-day roles. This provided new opportunities for leadership and growth.
  • Based on this, a new governance model has been established at CLTO.
  • While the PRC continues to operate, its seven workgroups have been subsumed into three new committees:
    • Planning & Priorities Committee
    • Operational Leadership Committee
    • Corporate Services Committee
  • These three committees, along with the PRC and Leadership Council, plan and coordinate a range of agency-wide initiatives.
  • They oversee many workgroups and task teams that develop and carry out the work.
  • For example, we have Reopening, Housing, Community Participation Supports and Information Governance workgroups, to name a few.
New Governance Model