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Our 185 volunteers have been challenged time and time again to keep moving forward in innovative ways during the pandemic.

They rose to the occasion and shifted their focus to help the people we support by delivering hot meals, sewing masks, organizing material drives and fundraisers, running our income tax program, and helping our staff adapt to virtual work.

Our volunteers went above and beyond to make sure that people felt connected during these challenging times.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who answered our calls for help with your time and energy this past year. You are all champions – thank you!

If you're looking to join our volunteer team or want more information, contact us at volunteers@cltoronto.ca

Marlena Kaesler

Marlena connected with our organization through Facebook this past year. She was one of the first people making face masks, and when she received our message that we were in need, she began sourcing out material and contacting friends to help sew more than 1,000 masks. Because of her sewing, we were able to quickly mail out masks to all our staff for personal use.