Generous Supporters

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Thank you to all of our amazing supporters during these challenging times.  Your donations of cash, time, and product have helped provide the many items needed to keep our staff and the people we support safe and engaged.

  • Albert Settino
  • Ana Sorrenti
  • Andrew Hutt
  • Aneesah Malik
  • Anonymous
  • Bruce Seigel
  • Carol L. Collings
  • Choi Wong
  • Christina M. Cameron
  • Clement Chow
  • Colleen Merrens
  • David Kravinchuk & Christal Pshyk
  • Debbie Bowier
  • Disha Bhat
  • Dominic Totino
  • Edward Chee
  • Elisa Morera
  • Elizabeth Crhak
  • George Iwanchyshyn & Wilhelmina de Groot
  • Greg Morton
  • Helen Kowalenko
  • Ian Da Silva
  • Janet Rowney
  • Jason Gordon
  • Jay Bradshaw
  • Jenna Simpson
  • Jennifer J. Welsh
  • Joan and Galal Karout
  • Karla Dendrinos
  • Kate Forester
  • Kathleen Gilhooly
  • Kathleen M. Kelm
  • Ken Porteous
  • Klarissa-Ingrid D’Mello
  • Kyoko Iwasa Davis
  • Laura Parsonson
  • Laurel Bogden
  • Lawrence Haney
  • Len Jillard
  • Lucas King
  • Malcolm H. Cheng
  • Margaretha Vandervelden
  • Margarida Da Silva
  • Mark Irvine
  • Martin Burwell
  • Martin Mailloux
  • Matthew Pavelich  
  • Mike Dodig
  • Molly McPherson
  • Renata Ozimek
  • Ruth Mandel – Who Gives Fund
  • Shirley Yan
  • Stefan Hostetter
  • The Fred and Donna Leslie Foundation
  • Thomas Chan
  • Tina Antunes
  • Wendy Dyke
  • William Moreno

Thank you for all of your unwavering support!

During these uncertain times, now more than ever, we are seeing the impact of the generosity of our amazing donors! Your dedication and support to our community is truly inspiring. Thank you so much for making a difference in the lives of so many.

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