Sibshops (Sibling Workshop)

Children Role Play a Scenario for Discussion

Children Role Play a Scenario for Discussion

Sibshops provide opportunities for brothers and sisters of children with special needs to obtain peer-to-peer support and education in an informal fun setting. Our sibling workshops are geared to children ages 8 to 12 with mentoring opportunities for older siblings, ages 14 to 16. The workshops are designed to engage the children in fun themed activities while addressing the unique issues that children who have siblings with special needs encounter at home, school and while participating in extra-curricular activities. Our 2018 Sibshops are scheduled on Saturdays throughout the school year. Please see a list of dates for upcoming Sibshops.

Each workshop includes a meal, along with a lot of fun and interactive games and activities. The Sibshops are theme based to help create an engaging and relaxed atmosphere for participating children. Past Sibshops have had themes such as Pirates, Safari, Tropical Vacation, and Celebrity Day. Activities have included scavenger hunts, team puzzle solving, role playing, and there is always a craft that goes along with our theme.   During meal time and activities we incorporate time for the children to get to know each other, share experiences and offer each other advice and support.

For more information about Sibshops, please contact Wendy Dyke at 647-729-3627 or  Cate Whiteley at 647-729-3635.

To get on our contact list for Sibshops, please call our Information and Membership line at 647-426-3220.

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