Personalized Support

Behavioural Support

Consultants work with families and staff to create environments which are conducive to positive behaviour and with individuals to develop skills which support harmonious family and community involvement.

Person Directed Planning

By building on a person’s goals, interests and their support network, an individual with an intellectual disability can live meaningful lives in the community. With extensive experience in developing person-directed plans and in administering Individualized Funds, Community Living Toronto offers a wide range of unique options for adults who have an intellectual disability.

Family Support

Community Living Toronto’s Family Support program facilitates the growth and development of the individual at home. Family Support workers liaise with the family to build personal supports and identify and access services, as well as community resources. They may also assist in recruiting, training, and the orientation of in-home support workers or volunteers.

Home Management

Home Management staff help families of children with an intellectual disability cope with challenges by providing in-home consultation and collaboration with other professionals to plan for services. They may also assist in recruiting, training and orienting in-home support workers.

Adult Protective Services Worker

Adult Protective Services Workers (APSW) assist adults with an intellectual disability who are without significant means of social or family support. An APSW determines the individual’s needs and develops a life plan to assist in meeting them.