Skills Development

At Community Living Toronto, we believe developing skills in areas such as relationship building, literacy, money management, social skills, and travel training enhances an individual’s self-confidence, community access and participation. In addition, we provide training in resume writing, computer and interview skills to assist a person in building job skills for employment.

Career, Vocational or Community Options

We offer an individual the possibility to explore work opportunities and experiences based on their goals and interests. On-the-job training, skills and job assessments are provided through community partnerships. In order to best cater to each individual, we also offer information tours and presentations for individuals, their networks and community groups and partners.

Life After School and Post 21 Planning

Through individualized planning and programs such as “Youth 2 Work”, we offer youth leaving the educational system a chance to find success in the workplace. Through volunteer and supported work placements, in partnership with local high schools and other community allies, youth have an opportunity to explore their career goals and personal interests.
For those already finished school, we will help identify career goals and experiences, ensuring a career path is individualized and meaningful.

Career Opportunities and Experiences

Our knowledgeable staff will help locate a career opportunity and provide support and mentoring best suited to an individual’s identified plan. Current jobs held by people with an intellectual disability include: courier services, maintenance work, retail sales, laundry and dry cleaning services, food services, packaging and assembly and administrative work.

Volunteer Experiences

For individuals who enjoy giving back to their community, we offer guidance in exploring volunteer opportunities. Visiting people in hospitals, delivering Meals on Wheels and assisting at day care centres are just some of the many volunteer activities available.