About Us

Since 1948, Community Living Toronto has been a source of support for thousands of individuals with an intellectual disability searching for accessible and meaningful ways to live in the community. Whether its living alone or with a roommate, working in a supported environment or participating in community activities, we are here to help individuals realize their full potential and dreams.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Community Living Toronto changes
the lives of people with an intellectual
disability by giving them a voice and
supporting their choices where they
live, learn, work and play.

Our Vision

Community Living Toronto is a recognized leader offering a full range of personalized supports and services to people with an intellectual disability and their families. We set the benchmark for excellence, innovation and accountability in the developmental services sector. Our vision for society is one where everyone belongs and we help each other reach for our dreams.

Our Core Values

Caring Staff and Community

  • Supporting individuals and their families with compassion, dignity and respect
  • Investing in a skilled and caring staff
  • Fostering an environment that is safe, supportive and inclusive where people thrive

Committed Leadership

  • Providing strong, responsive leadership through innovation and best practices
  • Being accountable to our various stakeholders
  • Creating leadership opportunities for self advocates, families, volunteers and staff


  • Achieving our Vision through teamwork and community partnerships
  • Collectively advocating and influencing public policy


  • Respecting the right and dignity of informed choice
  • Actively supporting people in achieving their goals


  • Celebrating our successes and achievement

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Community Living Toronto aspires to create and maintain an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, experiences, ideas and perspectives. We are committed to supporting diverse populations, attracting and retaining a diverse workforce, building and strengthening partnerships and fostering an environment free of discrimination and harassment. We believe that supporting and engaging diverse populations regardless of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or intellectual ability, ethnicity, religion and Aboriginal heritage is integral to the services we provide to people with intellectual disabilities.

For the full Diversity and Inclusion Statement, please visit our Bridging Diversity page.

Board of Directors

For our Board of Directors’ bios, click here

Nick Macrae

Stephen Andrews
Donna Britten
Colleen Broadhurst
Michael Challes
Paul Cochrane
Peggy Dowdall-Logie
Lisa Ellis
Victor Figueiredo
Donald Hale
Morris Jesion
Colette Kent
Edward Lau
David Layton
Susan McCloy
Valerie Picher
Susan Silma
Stefica Skof

Annual Report

Annual General Meetings