Supports and Services

We offer a wide range of supports and services for people with an intellectual disability.

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Information and Membership Services : 647-426-3220

Please note: All applications for adult (18 and over) residential, community participation and case management must go through Developmental Services Ontario, who can be reached at: 1-855-372-3858.

Shadow Lake Centre

Located just outside of Toronto near Stouffville, Ontario, Shadow Lake Centre is Community Living Toronto’s year round outdoor recreation facility, providing camping programs for people with an intellectual disability.

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Community Living Toronto offers a wide range of support for children with an intellectual disability and their families.

Recognizing that each individual we support is unique with distinct needs, we pride ourselves in providing programs and services to meet each individual’s personal requirements. Whether you need support at home, school or in the community, we can help you access the programs and services that will maximize your child’s learning and development.

Early Childhood Services
Early Childhood Services is available to all children from birth to 12 years of age who require additional support to participate in an early childhood setting.



By believing that each person is unique and that everybody has the right to make their own choices, Community Living Toronto helps to ensure that young people who have an intellectual disability have an active and central role in identifying and choosing their work, volunteer and recreational activities.

Community Living Toronto helps youth explore their options. From support in education, proactive career and life planning, participation in recreation and leisure activities, as well as home and family support, there are many resources available for young people between the ages of 12-21.

Youth to Work
Community Living Toronto’s Youth2Work programs offers assistance and support to youth with an intellectual disability who are preparing to leave the educational system. Our partnerships with local high schools and other community allies give the individuals we support a chance to find success in the workplace. Through Youth2Work, we help individuals make a successful transition from school to a rewarding, meaningful and productive life in the community.

Individualized Passport Supports
Person Directed Planning


Gooderham Centre
Gooderham Developmental Centre provides care and developmental opportunities for adults with severe and multiple disabilities. Aiming to provide skills training and adapted environments that improve the quality of life for each individual, the centre offers day programs and community based services.

Individualized Passport Supports
Person Directed Planning
Skills Development
Ontario Disability Support Program


Community Living Toronto recognizes that supporting an individual with an intellectual disability goes beyond just them, it involves supporting family as well, both siblings and parents. Our staff work closely with families to help make informed choices for their son or daughter that maximizes their community participation.

Support Circles
Comprised of an individual’s family, friends and partners, a support network or circle lends support in making decisions, identifying opportunities and solutions in that person’s life.

FamilyLink is a support group for families at all stages and ages of their life. FamilyLink’s goal is to bring families together to offer friendship and a network of support who all share the unique challenges and experiences of parenting a child with a disability.

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Parent  Groups
Community Living Toronto  hosts a variety of Parent Support Groups throughout the year. It gives parents of children with intellectual disabilities a chance to socialize, share stories and connect with others who truly understand the experiences of parenting a child with a disability. Typically, most parent groups meet weekly in a social environment where they encourage and support each other. For more information about parent groups, please contact Information and Membership at 647.426.3220.