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Supports and Services


From our earliest days as an organization, we’ve focused on being an innovative leader in creating supports and services for people with an intellectual disability and their families. Our staff have developed opportunities for belonging and inclusion that have signaled and guided our strategic direction; their commitment and compassion for people supported by Community Living Toronto has created a culture of collaboration, community and real choice.

Our services are person-directed and help develop natural networks within the community that encourage independence and personal achievement. We support people of all ages, and our services are organized into three main streams: specialized services, community participation supports and respite, and supported living.


Specialized Services

Individualized clinical services that optimize quality of life for the diverse range of people we support and their families.

Community Participation Supports & Respite

Meaningful, inclusive experiences that promote neighborhood connections and personal interests, skills, and development.

Supported Living

A range of housing and support options that foster choice, independence, and neighbourhood connections.

We Support Kids, Youth, Adults and Families!

Another way of understanding the range and scope of our programs is to present them by age group. Supporting people throughout their lives allows us to create long-term relationships, a sense of stability, and opportunities to move between our programs as a person grows and transitions from childhood to youth to adulthood.

We recognize that supporting a person with an intellectual disability goes beyond the individual. It means supporting their family as well; both siblings and parents. Our staff work closely with families to help make informed choices for their child that maximizes their community participation.


Whether you need support at home, school or in the community, we can help you access the programs and services that will maximize your child's learning and development.


From support in education, proactive career and life planning, to participation in recreation and leisure activities, we help ensure that youth with an intellectual disability have an active and central role in identifying their goals and making choices.




Community Engagement




FamilyLink is a Facebook support group for families at all stages and ages of their life. FamilyLink's goal is to bring families together to offer friendship and a network of support who all share the unique challenges and experiences of parenting a child with a disability. For more information, click here.


Family Support Coordination

Parent Share & Moms Supporting Moms
We host a variety of parent support groups throughout the year. They give parents of children with intellectual disabilities a chance to socialize, share stories and connect with others who truly understand. Typically, most parent groups meet weekly in a social environment where they encourage and support each other. For more information about our parent groups, please contact our Information and Membership line at 647.426.3220.


For more information about our supports and services:

Please note: All applications for MCCSS-funded adult (18+) programs must go through Developmental Services Ontario.