Individualized Passport Supports

Passport is a Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) program that provides funding to adults (18+) with a developmental disability to participate in their communities and to provide caregiver respite services.

If you are currently in service with one of Community Living Toronto's many programs, our Individualized Passport Supports team can help you with your Passport funding.

In any given year, we support hundreds of people with Passport funding to participate in their communities!

We'll start by working with you to create a plan and a budget based on how you'd like to use your Passport funding at CLTO. After that, Individualized Passport Supports will look different for everyone.

They might include:

  • Providing direct supports to participate in the community
  • Support to coordinate community activities
  • Researching social, cultural, recreational or athletic community engagement opportunities
  • Registering for a program, class or activity
  • Purchasing tickets for an event or supplies for an activity
  • Support to foster independence and develop skills that lead to community participation, including employment and volunteerism
  • And more!!!

To access our Individualized Passport Supports, you must have received Passport funding through the DSO and be in service with Community Living Toronto.

For more information, please call our Information and Membership line at 647-426-3220.

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