Announcing ReelEducation, a program for educators who want to bring films and resources about disability, inclusion, empathy, mental health, and more into the K-12 classroom ReelEducation launches April 1 – and it's FREE.

Parents as Partners Conference

The Parents as Partners Conference is on Saturday, April 28, 2018! Parents as Partners Conference 2018 is a FREE conference. Whether your child is just beginning on their educational journey in elementary school or closer to graduation and planning for the future, there are informative and empowering sessions for parents/guardians and caregivers of students of all ages and all stages of education.

Bill 148 and Direct Funding: Information Session for Families Engaging Workers


We are pleased to host disability and employment lawyers from PooranLaw who will deliver an in-person information and training session for people and families engaging workers for support. These sessions will review:

  • The most significant aspects of the Bill for families in the DS Sector and the dates they will come into force;
  • How you determine whether these obligations apply to your relationship with your worker;
  • What your responsibilities are to a worker who is an independent contractor or an employee;
  • What steps you can take to protect your loved one with a disability and your family, and ensure positive relationships with your workers; and
  • Free resources to help you manage your worker relationship and ensure compliance with the law.
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We are stronger together!

Flower painted by an artist from Creative Village Studio at Duncan's Farm Day!
Community Living Toronto members are vital to our organization. They are helping to change lives and send a message to our community that together we are strong.