Community Living Toronto opens doors for a new accessible and inclusive community at Birchmount Green

On December 12, 2023, Mayor Olivia Chow officially opened Birchmount Green, a new building in Scarborough. This project is a collaboration between the Government of Canada, the City of Toronto, and Mahogany Management, and will provide affordable and barrier-free housing units for Community Living Toronto, addressing waitlists and offering appropriate housing for people with intellectual disabilities.

Mayor Olivia Chow officiated at the opening ceremony in the presence of Honourable Salma Zahid, Member of Parliament, Scarborough Centre, Councillor Michael Thompson, Scarborough Centre, other distinguished guests, partner agencies and media.

Birchmount Green introduces 31 new units that will support 51 people, emphasizing accessibility and inclusivity and is a result of collaborative efforts with partner agencies such as Fred Victor, LOFT Community Services, The Redwood, Woodgreen and Bellwood.

A significant addition to the event was also the launch of The Social Brew, Café, and Marketplace, a joint initiative by Corbrook Awakening Abilities and Community Living Toronto. This social enterprise project aims to benefit people living with a disability in Ontario while also supporting farmers, women, and youth in Kenya. The initiative will offer skill-building opportunities in barista work and customer service, providing valuable employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

Through partnerships with Kenyan coffee farmers, The Social Brew, Café, and Marketplace addresses unemployment rates among women and youth in Kenya with a vision to create positive change and celebrating unique strengths and opportunities within communities across both Ontario and Kenya.

For more details on this project, please follow the link to read the news release from the City of Toronto: City of Toronto announces the opening of 220 new mixed affordable and supportive rental homes in Scarborough – City of Toronto

Photo Gallery

Watch below a short video of Birchmount Green as we spoke to CLTO staff and people supported on the launch of this new project.