#ITookABreak21: Thank You Front Line!

Every year, as part of Community Living Month, we run a social media campaign that sees thousands of voices across Ontario join together and “take a break” in support of the rights and choices of people with an intellectual disability.

This year, on Monday May 31st, we’ll be taking a break to thank the frontline heroes who have supported people with an intellectual disability throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our #ITookABreak21 label.

Join us by sharing a message of gratitude for your local Community Living staff on social media, with the hashtag #ITookABreak21.

You can create your own sign that says “thank you front line heroes” or click here to print our #ITookABreak21 label and stick it on a KITKAT!

Some #ITookABreak21 inspiration from previous years:

~Special thanks to Nestle for donating the KITKATS for this campaign every year.~