Ontario Caregiver Organization: One Point of Contact for Caregivers

The Ontario Caregiver Organization (OCO) exists to support caregivers by being their one point of access to information, so they have what they need to be successful in their role. Working collaboratively with caregivers, healthcare providers and other organizations, OCO draws on the variety of work that is currently being done to ease caregiver burn-out and improve the caregiving experience. Our programs and services are available, free of charge, to caregivers across the province.

24/7 Ontario Caregiver Helpline & Live Chat

SCALE Program (Supporting Caregiver Awareness, Learning and Empowerment)

Peer Support Program

Online Support Groups

Online Learning

OCO Webinar Series

Young Caregivers Website


Take the time to care for yourself. For more information, please visit www.ontariocaregiver.ca

Note: Program and services are available in French. Visit ontariocaregiver.ca/fr or call the Helpline for more information.