Specialized Skills Volunteers

Volunteers can bring their own skills and experience to a volunteer role. Motivations for volunteering are diverse. While some aim to learn new skills and aptitudes through volunteering, others seek to apply their specialized skills in their volunteer role.

Today, more and more people wish to apply specific skills to their volunteer work. Doing so can help hone those skills. And it can be great experience to put on a résumé. At the same time, the organization benefits from expert input. Skills-based volunteering benefits the volunteer, the organization and the community. Examples of skills based volunteer opportunities include piano-playing (or any other instruments), teaching, literacy, arts and crafts, dancing, music, etc.



  • Decide in what manner you’d like to volunteer (eg. do a music performance for individuals, teach individuals, visit once a month, once a week, etc.)
  • Provide an engaging experience to individuals through your expertise
  • Arrange in advance for a suitable schedule
  • Be punctual and dependable for each session
  • Maintain confidentiality of client information
  • Report promptly any problems or concerns to the Coordinator



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