Early Childhood Services

Early Childhood Services is available to all children from birth to 12 years of age who require additional support to participate in an early childhood setting.

Early Childhood Consultation and Intensive Resource Support facilitates the inclusion of children through a variety of ways:

We know that parents are the primary decision makers in their child’s life. We foster a collaborative partnership for the families by:

  • Aiding in accessing resources, such as funding and childcare programs
  • Providing information on a range of topics
  • Promoting advocacy
  • Assisting with the transition to school

We work with families, professionals and the community to develop, monitor and evaluate a plan that is based on each child’s strengths and support needs for both home and community programs by:

  • Linking with groups, childcare and school to ensure consistency of programming
  • Providing access to specialized supports, such as Occupational Therapy and Behaviour Management Consultation

We also work to ensure that the community is not only inclusive of all children, but has the training and resources they need to foster inclusive attitudes and learning. We do that by:

  • Developing, implementing and monitoring individual teaching plans
  • Teaching community staff to use individualized and class-wide teaching strategies
  • Providing workshops and training to early childhood staff and other community groups

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