Person Directed Planning

Person-directed planning provides the opportunity for a person to explore resources in their community, try new activities, gain new experiences, and make informed decisions based on those experiences. From this, custom, or person-directed supports are built around each person’s desired goals and outcomes.

What is Person-Directed Planning?

Person-directed planning engages individuals who have an intellectual disability in identifying their work, volunteer, leisure and recreational interests and goals.

What are the benefits of having a Person-Directed Plan?

There are many!

For individuals:

  • Enables them to have a voice and be heard
  • Makes them feel valued
  • The plan belongs to them
  • They are the key decision-makers
  • Empowers them to keep everyone accountable for outcomes

For Families

  • They feel supported
  • Enables them to hear what their family member really wants
  • Encourages partnerships with others
  • Gives them a direction and clear action plans
  • Respects their role as supporters

For Staff and that person’s network?:

  • Gives them a purpose for why they are together
  • Connects and strengthens the members
  • Supports the person to achieve their plan
  • Shares resources and opportunities
  • Is a source of creativity for ideas and possibilities

What is a Support Network?

A Support Network or Circle is comprised of an individual’s family members, friends, community partners, Community Living Toronto staff and others important in that person’s life.
At Community Living Toronto, what a person does during the day is tailored to their individual plans, their goals, talents and interests.  We make this happen through:

A facilitated planning session includes two Planners who will co-facilitate a meeting involving individuals and those who know them well. The Planners use a number of visual planning tools and uphold the principles of good planning to enable everyone to participate.

For more information, please contact our Membership & Intake line at 647-426-3220.

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