Person-Directed Planning

Person-directed planning is time spent with an individual to listen to their future dreams and goals, which are documented together with direct supports and services to be provided by Community Living Toronto.


Person-directed plans are an opportunity for the people we support to express what is most important in their life. Plans explore dreams and aspirations and then identify the supports, services and resources needed to achieve them.

Plans are wholistic, person-centered and ongoing. They celebrate individual rights, diversity, relationships and inclusion.

Person Directed Planning Process: Dream, Goals, Plan, Action, Review,

Person-directed planning is foundational to our work at CLTO.

The Whole Person: Career development cycle, Abilities, Skills, Interests, Personal Style, Family, Values, Goals

All of our staff receive an introductory training to understand what person-directed planning is and why its so important. A second, enhanced training for direct support staff teaches them how to complete high quality person-directed plans.

Every adult we support has a person-directed plan that is reviewed and updated annually.

What are the benefits of having a person-directed plan? There are many!

For the people we support:

  • Enables them to have a voice and be heard
  • The plan belongs to them
  • They are the key decision-makers
  • Empowers them to keep everyone accountable for outcomes

For families and the broader support network:

  • Enables them to hear what their family member really wants
  • Encourages partnerships and connections with others
  • Gives them a direction and clear action plans
  • Respects their role as supporters

For CLTO staff:

  • Excellent training and an easy-to-use template fosters a sense of engagement and confidence in the planning process
  • Planning offers an opportunity for us to share resources and expertise with one another
  • Planning affords us space for creativity, ideas and possibilities

For more information about Person-Directed Planning at CLTO, please contact Information: Programs and Services at 647-426-3220.