The Benefits of Inclusion in the Classroom

By: Mia McGowan, Education Outreach and Spinclusion Coordinator

inclusive classrooms

Education for all means:

“Ensuring that all children have access to basic education of good quality. This implies creating an environment in schools and in basic education programs in which children are both able and enabled to learn” UNESCO

Did you know…

An inclusive classroom benefits all students through:

  • Greater opportunity for friendships
  • Increased social network
  • More respect for others
  • Shared learning opportunities
  • Increased safety by reducing isolation
  • Higher academic expectations
  • Access to a wider range of school resources
  • Increased collaboration and participation
  • A more welcoming, positive school environment
  • Readiness for inclusion outside of school


Research has found that schools with highly developed inclusive programs had educators who:

  • Foster a shared vision
  • Collaborate with parents and other professionals
  • Engage in ongoing professional development
  • Use evidence based decision making
  • Understand and implement policies that lead to positive change

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