Introducing My Plan

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new My Plan template and two new staff training modules for Person-Directed Planning!

Person-Directed Planning (PDP) is something we do every year with the adults (18+) we support, and it’s foundational to our work. It’s an opportunity for the people we support to express their dreams and aspirations so that our staff can identify the supports, services, and resources needed to achieve them.

What’s New?

We’ve just launched a new introductory training for all CLTO staff to understand what Person-Directed Planning is and why it’s so important. This training will be required for all staff.

A second, enhanced training for direct support staff will provide guidance on how to complete our new My Plan planning template. This template will be used to create consistent person-directed plans across the organization.

We’re excited to see the improved accessibility and quality of planning that will go along with this modern, user-friendly approach to Person-Directed Planning at CLTO.