May 29: #ITookABreak24 for Community Living Month

Join us on Wednesday, May 29, as we celebrate Community Living Month in Ontario! Every year, thousands of Canadians come together to show their unwavering support for inclusion and belonging through the #ITookABreak24 social media campaign.

Treat yourself to a delicious well-deserved break and help us stand up for a world where everyone belongs and everyone is valued.

Be part of our community and share your #ITookABreak24 moment on May 29th. Don’t forget to tag @CLToronto and @CLOntario and include the hashtag, #ITookABreak24! 

Sign up before April 15th and receive a free #ITookABreak24 package and join the movement towards a more inclusive society.

Join the ITookABreak movement. Post your selfie on May 29

Here's how to participate DIY

  1. Print out an #ITookABreak24 label
  2. Tape it on a KitKat bar or your favourite treat.
  3. Take a selfie and save it on your cell phone
  4. On Wednesday, May 29, post your selfie on social media
  5. Include the hashtag #ITookABreak24
  6. Tag your local Community Living association including @CLToronto and @CLOntario

Here's some inspiration from previous years!

I believe in a society where everyone belongs and where everyone is valued! #ITookABreak2024 #DevelopmentalServicesMatter #CLMonth #InspiringPossibilities @CLToronto @CLOntario