A York University Study Survey


An online survey study about experiences with the Polices and/or how Police Officers could better interact with people that have a developmental disability. (Read more)

SIBSHOPS register for Saturday March 25, 2017


Sibshops are designed for kids ages 8-14, who have a brother or sister with an intellectual disability and who want to meet other kids who truly understand!
We are also welcoming Sibling Mentors – ages 14 to 16! (Read more)

Virtual Mindfulness ASD Free parent Groups

Virtual Mindfulness photo

We have been researching how to support parents of adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As part of this research, we are holding a free web-based mindfulness parent group for parents to help them cope.

Groups will run for 6 weeks on Tuesdays. (Read more)

Friendly Housemates


The Friendly Housemates model matches college or university students with people with intellectual disabilities as friendly housemates – friendly roommates who hang out together, learn together, and support one another. (Read more)

Caring for the Caregiver Research Project


A research project evaluating the benefits of ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) for parents.
This research project is for any Parent of a child, youth, or adult with an Intellectual or Developmental disability. (Read more)

“Supportive Home Share” has updated and is now called “LifeShare”

LifeShare Logo

Through LifeShare, Ontario families and citizens (home providers) can offer a safe and nurturing environment for adults with developmental disabilities (home sharers).

LifeShare (also known as host family) is so much more than providing a room in your home. Being a home provider means you’re giving someone with a developmental disability “a place in your heart, a place in your home.” Click here for more details. Read more

Connections Newsletter March 2017

Christopher with Tiger Williams

The month of March marks the end of the membership year. Renew your membership at www.cltoronto.ca. In this issue you can find; coverage of the Niagara Falls annual trip that happens every year in December; (Read more)